Live Shellfish

We have invested heavily in what is deemed to be the gold standard in live shellfish storage systems from Todd Fish Tech, meaning that we are able to supply live lobsters, crabs and even langoustine in prime condition to both trade and retail customers. 

Please contact us to find out what stock we have available or are able to order in for you. 

Live Lobsters

We usually keep on stock live lobsters in a variety of sizes, which can be purchased live or freshly cooked to order.


Live Crabs

We keep a stock of live crabs ready for cooking and dressing for our own in house hand picked dressed crabs, but we do also sell whole crabs either live or freshly cooked to order.

Live Langoustine

We have a supplier of fine Scottish langoustine, which are supplied tubed to keep these in pristine condition, enabling us to keep these live in our shellfish system. 

We occasionally keep stock on hand of these, however we are able to order these in with a short lead time.